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Welcome to Cryo Wellness of Muscatine

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What is Cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy is a natural treatment that uses local or general use of low temperatures temperatures to promote the body’s natural response to repair and restore. Cryo Wellness of Muscatine focuses on using the benefits of cryotherapy to supplement your wellness or recovery journey.

  • Experience reduced inflammation that eases pain in joints and muscles.
  • Smooth out age lines, wrinkles, and acne scars with cryo aesthetics treatments.
  • Feel more confident about your body and tone stubborn areas with body sculpting sessions.

The experts at Cryo Wellness of Muscatine have the background, tools, and experience to make sure your cryotherapy session is the relaxing, rejuvenating, and healing experience you deserve.

Localized Cryotherapy

Body Sculpting

Toning & Slimming

This process assists in cellulite reduction on targeted area of the body. The cooling temperature breaks down the adipose tissue, resulting in the loss of fat cells and inches.

Cryo Aesthetics

Facial & Anti-Aging

Get a tighter and more even skin tone by increasing blood circulation. Benefits include reduced pore sizes, smoothed out wrinkles, and healed acne.

Pain Management

Relaxing & Soothing

Cryotherapy has proven to activate the body’s natural anti-inflammatory processes that result in less pain and swelling in joints and muscles.

DaVinci Teeth Whitening

Brighter Teeth Naturally

Simple 3 Step Process

Safely remove years of staining caused by tobacco, foods, beverages, braces, medication and discoloration due to aging.

Celluma Light Therapy

Developed by NASA. Backed by Science.

Low-Level LED Light Therapy

Improve cellular health to reduce the signs of aging, relieve pain and eliminate acne.

Bodystyler by Slimyonik

Relaxation. Post Work Outs. Massage.

Versatile Self Care

Feel rejuvenated after a targeted bodystyler session.

Accountability & Wellness Coaching

One-on-One Guidance.

Feel Better About Who You Are

Optimize your health with personalized coaching to meet your goals.

*Bonus* Services!

Any Cryo Boldy Sculpting customer can use the following services at any time! Unlimited uses and no appointment necessary!

Vibration Plate

Our Vibration Plate will get your body moving and jump-start the body’s ability to excrete fat cells.